Premium Cat Sitting

Do you adore your feline friend, wish they could remain in their own home, with all of their usual comforts, with minimal disruption to their normal routines, and dislike the idea of putting them in a boarding cattery whilst you're away?

Amity Pet Care offer a 'purrr-fect' solution, with our premium twice daily cat sitting service within the Redhill, Reigate, Horley area, visiting them in their home both morning and afternoon, providing plenty of TLC, enrichment, and companionship.

Every single one of your cat's needs are taken care of, ensuring they're 'purrfectly' content whilst you're away, including:

  • Provision of fresh food and water.

  • Scooping of their litter trays.

  • Mental and physical stimulation with interactive play.

  • Having a pamper with a gentle brush.

  • Shy cats fully supported and given time and space to come out if/when ready.

  • Monitoring of their health, with a daily report sent to you (with photos when possible).

Your cat(s) will be in incredibly safe hands, with the vast experience and qualifications we hold, our extensive specialist insurance, DBS checks, detailed information taken down on your client profile so we can learn about their routines, and we provide great added peace of mind with daily updates. Check out our glowing client reviews and testimonials!

Image by Iz & Phil

Additional Complimentary Services

As part of your tailor-made twice daily cat care package, we also provide a range of complimentary extras, such as:


  • Opening & closing of curtains/blinds

  • Alternating of lights

  • Picking up post

  • Taking bins in & out

  • Setting house alarms

  • Turning radio/television on (Nat Geo is often a favourite!)

  • Home security checks


Optional Extra Services

Additions to add to your cat's package:


  • ​Familiarisation visit before you leave for your holiday

  • Supplying of Pet Remedy; natural calming products

  • Feeding of aquariums or ponds

  • Garden watering

  • Feeding & care of smaller pets

  • Wildlife feeding

  • Pet concierge 

  • Veterinary visits & transportation 

We were nervous to use a pet care company for the first time but no need with Amity Pet Care. They immediately put our minds at rest with the thorough information requested. We instantly knew they were the right people to look after our cats. Our cats are nervous of strangers but Amity were very understanding and took their time with them and eventually they became more confident. We loved the email updates, again very thorough. Added bonus of having the curtains drawn etc whilst we were away. Amazingly happy and highly recommend. Will be booking again very soon.

- K.W.

Service Rates

Register as a client on our fabulous client portal.

One-off fee of £25.00


Our standard premium twice daily cat care service.

£13.00 per visit / £26.00 per day.


For cat care requests within the next 4 weeks, the cost is:

£15.50 per visit / £31.00 per day.

Need last minute care?

Planning a holiday?

New to


Frequently asked questions

What's the process for sign up and booking?

Firstly, you can make an enquiry via our contact form, email, or phone, and check we have availability.
We will create a new client account on our client portal for you and your cat(s), and you will receive a welcome email with your login details, and be asked to complete your profile (this is the information we use during your visits). You can add your booking request, and we will then schedule a date and time for your consultation.

We will email you your invoice, and you can make your payment via bank transfer.

What happens if my cat becomes unwell?

We will make contact with you, the owner, to inform you, but if we cannot get hold of you, we will contact one of your 3 emergency contacts on your client account.

We ask that all clients are registered with a local vet, and owners must confirm that they give us permission to take their pet(s) to the vet, and administer any treatment as directed, on their client profile.

We will transport them to and from their appointment (there may be an additional charge for this service).

We advise that all pet(s) are covered with pet insurance, as any veterinary expenses are the responsibility of the owner.

How long does each visit last?

Our standard twice daily visits are 20-30 minutes long, both morning and afternoon. This allows for enough time for all of our regular cat and home care duties, plus time for providing some companionship and enrichment.

What do I need to leave you whilst I'm away?

All information must be up to date and correct on your client profile. We request that you don't leave any note in your home, just in case they get damaged or lost.

Please leave out your cat's vaccination certificate, as well as their pet insurance documents.

It's important to leave enough food, litter, bedding, toys, brushes, bowls, waste bags, pet-safe cleaning products, etc, for the duration of your trip, plus extra in case of any delays. Should we need to purchase anything for your cat(s), there is a charge for this service, plus the cost of the item(s).

Please leave your hot water, electricity, and heating on suitable settings, and please ensure you have suitable cleaned out your cat(s)' litter trays before departing. Please also empty your bins and remove any food which could 'go off'.

What do we do about house keys?

We ask you to provide a spare set of house keys and drop them through our letterbox-please ensure you put in an envelope with your name or your cat's name so we know whose they are!

We will add a tag with your cat's name on it (no number or address), and it will be stored in out key safe-we are insured to hold client keys.

At the end of your visits, your key will go back into our key safe-we do not post keys through letterboxes at the final visit, just in case there are any delays, and we're required to continue visiting.

Should you want your keys back once you've safely returned, we can arrange a time for you to collect.

Who will be caring for my cat?

There are just 2 people at Amity, Laura and Luke, so your cat will be lovingly cared for by either of these, who you can read more about on the 'About Us' page. All consultations are currently being carried out virtually, via video call, so you will get to virtually meet both members of the team! Amity was created by Laura in 2011, so you can guarantee your cat will be left in trustworthy and 'knowledgable hands'!

The only additional person who ocasionally covers for Laura and Luke, is Laura's mum, Lynne. She is covered under the insurance, and is experienced in our work, as well as having 2 moggies herself. We can also arrange for you to meet her via video call.

What changes have you made due to COVID-19?

Since the COVID pandemic started, we've introduced a more flexible COVID cancellation policy, which allows you to cancel your booking up until when we're due to start, and any unused visits will be credited to your client account, to use on your next booking with us.

All consultations are being carried out virtually via video call, to enable us to limit our contact with others, keeping you, and ourselves safer.

We request that clients complete a COVID declaration form, to confirm that all members of the household are clear from symptoms, and haven't been in contact with anyone who possibly has the virus.

We kindly request that you don't have other people visiting your property whilst you're away (cleaners, relatives, etc), to reduce possible transmittion from others, and therefore reducing possible service disruption.

What time slots do you offer?

We provide twice daily visits for all cats as standard, and our morning visits take place between 8am-10.30am, and our afternoon visits between 3pm-6pm (times may be extended during peak periods).

We may not be able to specify exact times, however, should your cat be on special medication requiring more specific times (eg, insulin 12 hours apart), please discuss with us, and we will endevor to accommodate.

Why are twice daily visits best for my cat?

Twice daily home visits enable us to adequately monitor and maintain your cat's health, welbeing, safety, and routines, as well as allowing us to provide a good amount of companionship, enrichment, and TLC.

Other than on the first day, if you leave that morning, or the final day, if you arrive that afternoon, we only provide twice daily visits, as we believe cats deserve the very best level of dedicated care.

We find that twice daily visits allow shy cats to get used to us (especially when they associate us with food!), and we find they often interact more and exceed their human's expectations!

How much notice do you need for booking requests?

We appreciate as much notice as possible, but we understand last minute things can come up, so we'll do our best to accommodate (note there is a slightly higher premium for short notice bookings.

We'd advise booking dates around Bank Holidays, school holidays, Christmas, New Year, ets, as early as possible, as these can get booked up months in advance.

What does registration include?

When registering as a new client with Amity Pet Care, you get exclusive access to our brilliant client portal software where you will find your cat's profiles, you can request services, and keep track of invoices and receipts.

You will receive a virtual consultation, allowing you to meet us in a covid safe way, go over any final details about your cat, and give us a virtual tour of where they like to hang out.

It also covers the admin involved with the registration and booking process.

Do you provide cat care over Bank Holidays & weekends?

Yes, we do indeed provide cat care over Bank Holidays and weekends, including Christmas and New Year, however, availability is limited, and it can be a popular time!

Our services rates are double over Bank Holidays.