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If you dog just required a short relief break, this is the service for them! We can walk them somewhere nearby to relieve themselves, provide them with some company, and ensure they're settled. Particularly good for elderly or young dogs who cannot walk far.



A Quick Toilet Break, Please!

For dogs who require more than just a toilet break, but less than a full hour hike, this service will be perfect for them. This is great for dogs around 6 months old upwards, who are perhaps working towards our Social Doggie Adventures once they're slightly older, or dogs who prefer solo attention!



I Need A Leg Stretch!

If your dog is fit and active, and needs an hour long activity and walking session, and needs one to one attention, rather than socialising with other dogs, this is the service for them! We will take them for a good walk, allowing them to sniff all of the smells, and feel the wind in their fur!



I Love To Hike!

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