Behavioural Referral Dog Walks

Amity Pet Care are able to take on behaviourist referrals for individual dogs walks for dogs who need to be walked with someone with behavioural knowledge, and for someone who will continue with a behavioural plan. We use reward based handling, and LIMA (Lease Intrusive, Minimally Aversive) theology, aiming to build a strong bond with your dog. 

Our individual dog walking service provides your dog with a tailor-made exercise session to suit their needs, incorporating companionship, enrichment, mental and physical stimulation. 

Shorter sessions are available for elderly, young, or dogs with physical limitations, or for dogs who just need their day to be broken up, and longer sessions for dogs who benefit from more physical exercise. We may also be able to incorporate some freework and gentle exercise and enrichment in your secure garden, particularly if leaving your property for a walk if not appropriate for your dog with the stage they're at.

For costs, please get in touch with your requirements, and we can discuss the length which might be best, and the behavioural issues you're experiencing, and what your behaviourist has recommended you work on. 


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"Would definitely use Laura and Luke at Amity again. Very thorough with information of my dog woodys needs and made sure he was well looked after on our wedding day. A great weight off our minds . Thanks guys" - E.T.