Luxury Dog Day Care,

Home Boarding,

& Holistic Spa Days

(Coming very soon)

"Dexter has been going to day care, 3 days a week at Amity for over a year now. He loves it. He is always over the moon to see Luke when he collects him and comes back tired and happy. I was very anxious about leaving Dexter but Luke and Laura came to visit us at home and then arrange for me to visit their home to see how it all worked (and how secure it was) and we went on a group walk which Dexter loved. When Dexter had been going for about two months we bumped into Luke and Laura at Paws in the Park and Dexter went potty when he saw them so I just knew that he loved being with them. I love the fact that they only have a small number of dogs at a time, that their vehicles are not sign written and that they believe in continuous personal development and pass on a lot of helpful information via their facebook page. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them and am going to be using their pet sitting service to look after our cat when we are away on holiday this year."

Our facilities offer a safe, controlled, and nurturing environment, within our secure home and garden, allowing dogs to spend time with other suitable dogs.


We offer enrichment through play, foraging games, tracking, agility and fun training, allowing dogs to healthily outlet their energy, as well as providing time to quietly relax. The mental and physical stimulation helps to create a well happy, healthy, and balanced dog. This service is very exclusive, as we accept a very select few at any one time.


We are currently only accepting new enquiries for smaller to medium breeds, or very calm dogs, and there is a minimum commitment to ensure regularity and routine-please discuss your requirements and our availability with us. 

Once your dog is enrolled and settled in day care, we will then be able to accommodate home boarding holiday requests, where they'll receive all of the benefits of our home-based day care environment, with the luxury of comfy dog beds and sofas to settle on overnight - a kinder alternative to traditional boarding kennels! We don't employ any hosts/helpers, so they'll always be staying in an environment they're familiar with. 


  • We collect your dog from your home (usually between 8am-10am).

  • A group walk in the local countryside.

  • Come back to our base and have a paw wipe and a check over.

  • Indoor resting time on the sofa or on one of the dog beds, with calming music playing in the background.

  • Lunchtime for any dogs who need it, done on an individual basis, using a puzzle food toy for added enrichment if appropriate.

  • Afternoon supervised outdoor playtime, exploring in our garden area.

  • We drop your dog back home (usually between 3pm-6pm).

Doggy Spa Days

Exclusively For Our Day Care Clients

Inclusive of a pre-wash spray to start to release any dirt or debris from the fur, a brush to help get rid of their dead coat, conditioning shampoo to make them clean and fresh, drying using a towel and hair dryer, and finishing spritz so they go home smelling lovely and fresh! 

To make it a relaxing experience, we're able to provide the dog with plenty of breaks during the process.

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