Dog with Toy




Do you wish to provide your dog with some enrichment, stimulation, and exercise, within the safety of a secure area, away from strange dogs who may not respect their space? 

We are pleased to be able to offer a solution, with our brand new enrichment visits, in our large enclosed garden, full of things to give your dog the best time, here at Amity HQ!

Our garden is comprised of three areas, a patio, a middle grassed section, with plenty of sensory things, and the third section, where most of the fun low height/adjustable agility equipment is set up, which can include jumps, tyre jump, cavaletti poles, dog walk, A-frame, seesaw, tunnels, platform, as well as shallow paddling pools, and more, which can be adapted to suit younger or older dogs. We can also set up from groundwork or freework for them.

Your session will exclusively be for your dog only (or your household of dogs, depending on numbers), and there is driveway parking, with side gate access (note this isn't currently suitable for wheelchair access). We aren't able to accommodate children on site, but if you are unable to arrange childcare, we are happy to supervise your dog's visit ourselves, as we are present for support and guidance for the duration of all of your dog's visits. 

The cost of this service is £15.00 per hour if you will transport your pup, or £25.00 per hour if you'd like us to transport them (please note we are unable to carry human passengers), and these visits are available most evenings and weekends.

The perimeter fences are 6ft tall, and we are unable to accommodate dogs who are destructive or who excessively dig!

Image by Mitchell Orr
Sitting On The Pause Platform
Friends Happily Playing
Just Some Of The Enrichment Tunnels Which Might Be Set Up!
"Throw Me The Toy!"
Elderly Dogs Can Be Accommodated!
Sitting On The Platform
Waiting On The Dog Walk
Resting On The Platform
Pawsome Caterpillar Tunnel!
A-Frame Set At Its Lowest Height So Safer For Smaller Dogs
Platform Sitting
Plenty Of Opportunities For A Break!
Enjoying Exploring