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Ultrasonic Dog Teeth Cleaning

Emmi-Pet is an amazing, non-invasive, ultrasound teeth cleaning system for dogs, requiring no anaesthetic. The Emmi-Pet dental brush is completely silent, does not vibrate, and doesn't require any brushing or scrubbing as it works at a high frequency, producing waves which go through every bristle, with the Emmi-Pet toothpaste as as the conductor. It producing millions of microscopic nano bubbles which penetrate 12mm deep, and break down and soften tartar, removes stains, and has a sterilising effect, killing bacteria and impurities. It can also be used initially with just water, particularly beneficial for dogs with inflamed or sensitive gums.

4 out of 5 dogs have dental problems caused by dental plaque and tartar buildup, so having a regular oral routine is vital to maintain good oral health and hygiene.


Having good oral health can prevent:

  • Bad breath

  • Dental disease

  • Bacteria spreading

Before starting your dog's new dental routine, we will carry out at initial assessment and first clean, where we will discuss how frequently your dog would benefit from cleaning and maintenance.

Plaque & Tartar

Hardened Plaque = Tartar

Image one shows a build up of plaque which has not yet hardened into tartar. 

Image two shows hardened tartar.

Image 1

Image 2


Initial Assessment &

First Clean

£30.00 Per Session

Including Your Dogs Own Toothbrush Head*

*Subsequent Heads £7.50



Your Dog's

Oral Care Routine*

Bi-Weekly Cleaning £7.50 Per Session

Weekly Cleaning £10.00 Per Session

Fortnightly £15.00 Per Session

Every 3 Weekly Cleaning £20.00 Per Session

Monthly Cleaning £25.00 Per Session

*We will advise the most appropriate frequency for your dog following their assessment. Some may require frequent appointments initially, but once clean, can move to less frequent for maintenance. Home visit charge applies.

Coming Soon...

Alternatively, you can purchase your own Emmi-Pet Ultrasonic Toothbrush kit, ultrasonic toothpaste, replacement heads, and other accessories and products, directly from us, so you can clean your dog's teeth yourself, as frequently as you wish, at a time which suits you! 

Kit Price: POA

One To One Teeth Cleaning Training: £30.00*

*Available within the Redhill, Reigate, Horley, and surrounding areas.

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