Ultrasonic Teeth Cleaning

Emmi-Pet is an amazing, non-invasive, ultrasound teeth cleaning system for dogs, requiring no anaesthetic. It's completely silent, doesn't vibrate, and doesn't require brushing or scrubbing as it works at a high frequency, producing waves which go through every bristle, producing millions of microscopic nano bubbles which break down tartar, removes stains, and has a sterilising effect.


4 out of 5 dogs have dental problems caused by dental plaque and tartar buildup, so having a regular oral routine is vital to maintain good oral health and hygiene, and can prevent:

  • Bad breath

  • Dental disease

  • Bacteria spreading


Before starting your dog's dental routine, we'll carry out an assessment, where we'll discuss how frequently your dog would benefit from cleaning. We work in the dog's own time and provide breaks when required, and we even include a Pet Remedy calming wipe which we can use on them, and then tie to their collar/harness to aid in keeping them calm.


We are fully mobile for this service, so we will provide home visits, unless your dog attends Doggie Day Care, in which case, their appointments can be provided during their days with us.

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Plaque & Tartar

Hardened Plaque = Tartar

Image one shows a build up of plaque which has not yet hardened into tartar. 

Image two shows hardened tartar.

Screenshot 2020-09-14 at 12.30.12 PM.png

Image 1

Image 2



"Soooo....this fur baby has just had her annual vaccinations and check up at the vets this week and the vet was absolutely amazed at the pristine condition of her pearly whitesThank you Amity for her regular sonic teeth cleaning....obviously defo working, please don’t stop!!!"

"Thanks Laura - had Stompie at the Vet today for his annual boosters and they were very impressed with the condition of his teeth."

Blue Sparkles
Blue Sparkles

Your Dog's Oral Care Routine*

Home Visits (Discount of £5.00 Applied If Carried Out During Doggie Day Care)

Assessment, Familiarisation, & First Clean (Inc. First Brush Head) £35.00


Thrice Weekly (Intense Cleaning) £12.50 per session

Bi-Weekly (Intense Cleaning) £15.00 per session

Weekly (Cleaning/Maintenance) £17.50 per session

Fortnightly (Maintenance) £20.00 per session

Orozyme Teeth Gel (apply daily to enhance the cleaning process) £7.50

Subsequent Brush Heads (replaced after 3 months/when damaged) £7.50


*We will advise the most appropriate frequency for your dog following their assessment.

The cost is inclusive of all equipment (Inc. brush unit and tools, towel, Pet Remedy wipe if required, PPE, etc), and equipment sterilisation.

The cost is per dog, but a discount will be applied for multi-dog households being treated during the same home appointment (not applicable for Doggie Day Care).

Should clients have a break of over a month between appointments, a new assessment and re-familiarisation session will be carried out.