Cat on a table

Kitty Cleanup Service

Are you a busy cat mum or dad who struggles to keep on top of cleaning up after your cat (we all know how messy they can be with their food and litter!)? 

We are pleased to be able to offer a solution, with our brand new 'Kitty Cleanup' service! 

We will pop in Monday to Friday, once each day*, to take care of those tedious tasks, such as scooping their litter trays, washing their bowls and feeding mats, and wiping down their feeding area.

It's recommended to scoop out cat litter trays at least twice each day to maintain its cleanliness, so clients will be responsible for cat care duties for the other part of the day and weekends, when we aren't providing the 'Kitty Cleanup' service. 

This service is strictly for clients who are at home for at least part of the day and weekend, this is not a holiday care service (for this, please visit our holiday cat service page). 


One-Off Registration Fee: £30.00

Monday to Friday (5 days): £15.00 per visit**

*Need some extra help and want a Kitty Cleanup service twice each day? Get in touch to discuss.

**Rate includes one cat. For multiple cats, please get in touch to discuss.

To keep everyone safe from Covid, we request that clients socially distance whilst we visit, and we will wear gloves and a face covering. We will also ask clients to complete a Covid Declaration on their profile, and update us should they be exposed to someone with the virus, or show any symptoms themselves.

Image by Milada Vigerova