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About Us

Amity Pet Care are based in Redhill, Surrey, where Laura has lived in the area her whole life, and Luke moved to the area in about 2009, and exclusively cover the Redhill and Reigate area. They've both worked in the Animal Care sector for a number of years. 

"We understand the importance of providing, each and every animal, with suitable exercise and enrichment, and companionship. We believe that owners should be able to leave their animals in 'qualified hands' when going to work or away on holiday, which is why we have both completed relevant qualifications, and dedicate many hours for continued professional development ('CPD')."

Qualifications & CPD

  • On Lead Aggression, Reactivity and Conflict in Dogs with Dawn Allen.

  • Dog-dog: The forbidden topics of Play, Sex and Conflict with Sarah Whitehead.

  • Recognise Subtle Signs of Pain in Pets and How To Keep Them Comfortable with Dr. Andy Roark.

  • An Introduction to the Use of Complementary Therapies in Chronic Disease.

  • Feline Territory Related Stress, a webinar by Jon Bowen DipAS (CABC) MRCVS on feline behaviour and how environmental modification can improve quality of life.

  • Helping your dog live a long healthy life PLUS how to comfort old achy bones.

  • Helping Animals to Heal themselves! - Talk by Stacey Bevan of Good Vibrations Holistic Balancing for Animals.

  • Cats are cool - understanding cat body language and behaviour with Suzanne Rogers of Learning About Animals.

  • Loose Dogs & Dog Fights by Trainer Robin Bennett.

  • How To Handle Your Pet Rabbit by The Rabbit Vet (Molly Varga).

  • Small Furry Animal Behaviour with Dr Anne McBride.

  • Care Campaign Change - Suzanne Rogers (Behaviourist & Welfare Consultant).

  • Feline Destructive Scratching and How To Solve It.

  • Learn How to Introduce Cats to Each Other.

  • The Essential Pet Care Policies and Procedures with Niki Tudge

  • Tools, Toys & Equipment for the Pet Professional - with Louise Stapleton-Frappell

  • Canine Communication for the Pet Care Provider with Angelica Steinker

  • Feline Communication and Social Behaviour with Paula Garber

  • Need Help Reinforcing Behaviours When You Are Gone? – Crate Strategies with Smart Animal Training Systems

  • The Myths that Just Need to Be Busted with Mary Jean Alsina

  • Foraging Felines: Providing House Cats with Necessary Mental and Physical Stimulation through Fun with Their Food by Amy Martin of Conscious Companion 

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  • National Diploma in Animal Management: Triple Distinction & Outstanding Achievement Award.

  • Dog Walking and Pet Home Sitting Professional Diploma: Distinction.

  • Pet First Aid Certificate-Pro Training.

  • Health And Safety In The Workplace Certificate.

  • Food Hygiene Level 1.

  • Learn How To Effectively Manage Groups of Dogs In an Off Leash Environment with Kathy Sdao.

  • Understanding pain in animals with vet and behaviourist Amber Batson.

  • Signals of Pre-emptive Aggression Webinar by Sarah Whitehead.

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