How To Play With Your Cat

You might see the title of this blog and think "eh, what's she on about?! You just grab a stuffed toy mouse and dangle it in front of them! What more could there be?!" ...But, there's a bit more we can do to make playtime more effective, and a positive experience for our feline friends!

Did you know that cats are crepuscular creatures, meaning they are naturally more active at dawn and dusk? Have you noticed they have a 'witching hour' at 'silly O'clock' when you're trying to sleep, and you're forced to get up and hurl some food into their bowl, before dragging yourself back to your bed?!

How about having some play sessions late in the evenings, before bedtime, and perhaps in the morning before you head to work? You may find this lessens their need for 'crazy time' as unsocial hours, if they have that need met.

Having shorter bursts of play can be more beneficial for cats, so they don't get bored, and to help keep the novelty of their toys, try putting them away, and rotating the ones you have out. It's probably similar with children (I don't h