Keeping Safe Whilst Walking

Updated: Feb 13, 2021

With all of the recent dog thefts and attacks on walks around the UK recently, I thought I'd write a blog with some ideas of how we can stay safe whilst out and about with our 4 legged best friends. I'm going to be coming at it from a self awareness and self defence basis, as I train in a modern, defence based martial art. In my job, with Amity Pet Care, I find myself constantly risk assessing, and I think we can all agree, if we can prevent an attack from happening, great! A few of my friends from Peak Performance Martial Arts have also added some of their ideas and top tips.

There are a number of things you can carry or wear whilst on a walk. If you make yourself easily visible to others, this may deter attackers, so you can wear a high vis reflective jacket/tabard/running harness, etc. There are lots of personal alarms on the market, which would likely deter an attacker as the sound is ear piercing, as well as referee whistles, as an attacker is less likely to want to stick around if their victim is making a lot of noise and drawing attention to them and the situation! There is Farb criminal identifier spray, which can dye the skin red for a period of time. It's best to have these items easily accessible with our dominant hand. Just be mindful that whatever you buy is legal in the UK, and should an injury occur from any of the above, it could be classed as assault. You could also wear a camera on a body harness to film potential evidence. Paul adds: "Don’t use a phone or headphones as it will distract you from your surroundings", which Steve agrees: "I never wear any if I'm walking."