Living With A Geriatric Dog

Terrier cuddling human.
Peach starting to trust me, enjoying a cuddle.

I hope you enjoyed my previous blogs and learnt a bit about our other dog, Bear, and what it's like living with a blind dog. In this 'episode', I'll talk a bit about how we cope with caring for a very senior dog.

So, Peach Fuzz is around 17 years old now, and we've only had him for 2 years. People always say how good I am for taking in such an elderly dog, but I do love the oldies and their personalities! Poor old Peach was stuck in the kennels I used to work at for around 4-5 months in the end, as his previous owner wasn't well. Their family knew they wouldn't cope with Peach, so signed him over so the kennel owner could find him a new home. I'd met him a couple of times but he was a completely different dog back then, very anxious and wasn't suited for kennel life as he doesn't cope well with loud noises, so really needed to get into a home environment. I took him home for a trial, and he ended up staying!

Photo of terrier taking treat.
A photo from a photoshoot we did with Peach.

Being old, he couldn't hold his bladder or bowels overnight, so was in a bit of a state, despite the dog groomer's great efforts in cleaning him up! His hair was terribly overgrown, but he wasn't comfortable with the groomer tending to that, and it's the type of coat which needs to be hand stripped. I managed to do this over the course of about a week or so, taking my time, and doing it when Peach was settled and comfortable. Once I'd got his old coat out, he no longer smelt terrible, looked so fresh, and like a completely different dog! People often ask me if he's a puppy now, I think because he's got such a beautiful face and eyes!

Terrier with overgrown hair.