Troubleshooting Litter Tray Troubles

Litter tray troubles are surprisingly common with cats, and can even be a reason people rehome them (let the next person deal with it, eh?!), but there are some very simple things we can do to provide a good litter tray setup for our feline friends! Running a specialist cat sitting service, we've tried out most types of litter and related products!

There are of course exceptions to everything, and what works for one cat, may not work for yours, so, as they say, "if it's not broken, don't try and fix it!" (or something like that!). Please feel free to share our blog with any pet parents who may benefit from the advice we share!

Q: Do I really need to give my cat a litter tray, even if they go out?

A: Ideally, yes. It's good to give our cats a choice. There could be adverse weather, or a conflict with a neighbourhood cat, making them not want to go out, so it's beneficial for them to have access to all of the resources they need inside their home environment. It's also advised we keep our cats safely indoors overnight, as this is when RTAs (Road Traffic Accidents) are most common, so litter trays would be necessary.

Q: How many trays should I provide?

A: It's recommended we give our cats 1 litter tray each, plus one extra. This m