Small Pet Sitting

Our small pet services involve taking care of your animals and continuing their normal husbandry routines, in your own home, important health checking, as well as offering mental stimulation and companionship, and tailor fitted to suit a variety of needs and requirements.


All of your pets' needs are taken care of, including provision of fresh food and water, scooping of their litter trays, having a pamper, as well as general home duties.


For optimum health, safety, and security, we  offer a minimum of 2 visits per day, with the option to have additional visits, allowing us to frequently monitor, and keep their living areas clean.

Additional Complimentary Services

As part of your tailor-made twice daily cat care package, we also provide a range of complimentary extras, such as:


  • Opening & closing of curtains/blinds

  • Alternating of lights

  • Picking up post

  • Taking bins in & out

  • Setting house alarms

  • Turning radio/television on (Nat Geo is often a favourite!)

  • Home security checks


Optional Extra Services

We can also provide a range of pre-bookable optional extra services, at a minimal additional cost to your cat care package, including:


  • ​Supplying of Pet Remedy; natural calming products

  • Feeding of aquariums or ponds

  • Garden watering

  • Feeding & care of smaller pets

  • Wildlife feeding

  • Pet concierge 

  • Veterinary visits & transportation