Fearful Feline Care

It's often forgotten that cats are not only predatory animals, but they are also prey animals, so it's only natural that they can feel anxious or unsettled for various reasons, whether that's changes in routine, people, or sounds.

Over the years, Amity Pet Care have worked with a huge number of cats with various personalities, and our aim is to put them at ease, and work within their own parameters. 


The definition of 'Amity' and our ethos:


1. friendship; peaceful harmony.

2. mutual understanding and a peaceful relationship, especially between nations; peace; accord.


There are many different methods we can use to support your cat to help them feel as comfortable as possible whilst we're caring for them when you go away, and we're more than happy to work alongside your veterinarian and behaviourist, working holistically. 


Examples of methods & protocols we use to work with your anxious cat:


  • Pet Remedy diffuser in your cat's living area to naturally aim calmness.

  • Scent Kit to build up a positive association of our smell ahead of meeting us in person.

  • TTouches to aid in calming your cat's sympathetic nervous system (these will be introduced using soft equipment to avoid being invasive).

  • Calming supplements and/or medication with the advice and support from your veterinarian.

  • Evaluating your cat's environment to ensure all of their needs are met, and making changes if any improvements can be made.

  • Gradually, we can provide short visits and be present whilst you do some TTouches with your cat, and work towards us being able to start these using equipment (TTouch wands, soft paintbrushes, feathers, etc), within your cat's own time.

  • We use calm body language and movements, walk around slowly, talking softly if appropriate.