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Five Star Doggy Day Care

Homely Dog Day Care in Redhill, Reigate, & Horley

Photo of little dog on climbing apparatus within Doggy Day Care

How It Works

Located in a leafy village, just a few miles south of Reigate, we run a very special, home-based doggy day care, operating Monday to Friday, as well as over weekends and Bank Holidays by special request.


We offer a nurturing environment, which will become your dog's second home, which they will share with up to 5 other friendly dogs, who will rapidly become their best friends!

Only regular dogs attend, to allow for familiarisation, maintain a good routine, and minimising FAS (fear, anxiety, and stress), as part of our Fear-Free protocols.

Monthly Activity Calendar

We are an enrichment based Doggy Day Care, so there are plenty of stimulating themes each day, from puzzle feeders and healthy chews, licki mats, bubble play, Free Work, scent games, fun agility, functional training, paw print artwork, health checks with cooperative care, and so much more!

Each month we create an Activities Calendar, so you can pick what your dog would enjoy!

Doggy Day Care Activity Schedule, featuring activities such as bubble play, food enrichment toys, fun agility, paw print art, etc.
Photo of small dog on climbing toy
Dogs enjoying enrichment toys, such as this brightly coloured caterpillar tunnel in Day Care


Our routine varies day to day, and we often spend longer on activities!

  • 9am-10.30am: Collection from Home on our Doggy Bus

  • 10.30am-11.30am: Socialising & Activities

  • 11.30am-12pm: Rest period before lunch

  • 12pm-12.30pm: Lunch Enrichment

  • 12.30pm-1.30pm: Relaxation after lunch to (allows for digestion!)

  • 1.30pm-3.30pm: Exercise & Enrichment

  • 3.30pm-5.30pm: Drop home on our doggy bus


We aim to accommodate any requests regarding timing.

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