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Our Campus

Providing Everything Your Dog Needs

Tiny dog resting on a comfy arm chair within day care

Internal Space

At Amity Pet Care, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional care for your furry friend. Our facilities offer a 'home away from home' experience, complete with ample fresh air and natural light.


Each area is thoughtfully designed with well ventilated spaces, cushioned floors, and soft runners to ensure maximum comfort.


We provide fresh water, calming Pet Remedy diffusers, and relaxing sounds to help your dog feel at ease during their stay.


With a variety of beds and furniture available for rest periods, we strive to make your dog's stay comfortable and enjoyable.


Our perimeter is surrounded by 6ft tall fences, ensuring your furry friend's safety. Our paddocks are split into 3 separate areas, each with its own unique features.


The patio area has a wooden pagoda for shade, picnic bench, parasol, and dog-friendly botanical plants. The middle section has mature trees, sensory items, including relaxing wind chimes, logs to climb on, and paddling pools to cool off and play in during the warmer seasons. The back section has a wide selection of low height agility equipment such as hurdles, dog walk, A frame, tunnel, platform, as well as climbing frames, all with the aim of improving your dog's balance, spacial awareness, proprioception, and confidence, and supervised during use.

Small dog sitting on the 'Dog Walk' agility equipment
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