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Image by Ryan Walton
  • Are you insured & council licensed?
    Yes, we hold extensive insurance to provide all aspects of Doggy Day Care, and a five star license from Reigate & Banstead Borough Council.
  • Do you offer collection and drop off?
    Yes, we provide a transport service in our professionally crated doggy bus.
  • Which areas do you cover?
    We cover the Redhill, Reigate, and Horley area.
  • How many dogs do you accept?
    Your dog will spend their day with up to 5 friendly dogs.
  • Can I drop and collect myself?
    We can't guarantee we will be here when you wish to drop off or collect, due to collecting and dropping off the rest of the dogs, so we aren't able to provide this service, which also helps minimise disruption.
  • Do I provide a set of house keys?
    The vast majority of clients do provide a spare set of keys, which stay in our key safe when not in use. This means you do not need to be home when we collect or drop home.
  • Does my dog need to be up to date with vaccinations?
    Yes, due to licensing, all of the dogs must be up to date with their vaccinations, and their certificate uploaded to their online profile. All dogs must also be suitably treated for parasites, and recorded on their account.
  • What times do you collect and drop home?
    We collect between approximately 8.30am-10.30am, and drop home between about 3.30pm-5.30pm, subject to changes. This allows for plenty of time for our itinerary of activities throughout their day, as well as lunch/snack time, and rest time in between.
  • Do I need to provide lunch?
    Yes, if your dog usually has lunch or a snack, please provide this to maintain their routine. On certain days, our enrichment activities include treats and/or chews, so you can decide if you want to provide their normal snack on those days.
  • Do you accept entire dogs?
    We cannot accept entire males, and cannot accept females in season, due to licensing.
  • Do you have a dog size limit?
    Generally, we only take small to medium sized dogs, however, if you have a larger but docile dog, who'd love some doggy company and more enrichment in their life, we may be able to assist! We unfortunately can't accept super high energy dogs, or dogs who are particularly vocal, to ensure we don't disturb the neighbours, and to protect the smaller, more sensitive, and elderly dogs who attend. Due to licensing and insurance, we are unable to accept banned breeds.
  • Does my dog need to be insured?
    Yes, all dogs who attend should have their own pet insurance.
  • How and what do I pay?
    We invoice monthly, which is done via our online client portal, where you can find any invoices. Payments are taken by card via Stripe.
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