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Country Field

Senior Dog Retreat


Tailor-Made Day Care For Senior Dogs

Even though they're getting that 'sugar dusted' look on their face, and aren't as stable as they used to be, we can still accommodate most dog's needs!

  • Holistic Care

  • Supportive Environment

  • Multi-Modal Approach

  • Comfortable Rest Time

  • Individualised Care

How We Can Help

Each dog has their own individual needs, and we create a care plan to suit them, whilst still being able to socialise with other respectful and kind dogs.

We often work with veterinarians, holistic vets, physios, hydrotherapists, and other dog professionals, to provide feedback on your dog's wellbeing, and form part of their multi-modal support system.

We have a wonderful Dog Myotherapist visiting monthly, who can provide a detailed Muscle Balance Analysis for your dog, and provide functional massage treatment as part of their routine at Amity.

We've adapted our setup to support our elderly dog clients, from cushioned flooring, runner mats for added grip, ramps to assist them with getting outside, and our doggy paddocks are in various sections, so your dog can have access to their own private area, should they want to enjoy a quiet mooch about on their own.

Senior dogs often find smaller meals easier to digest, rather than the once or twice daily meals younger dogs may receive, so we're happy to give them their lunch during their day.

We provide a nurturing, calm, restful environment, so your dog will have access to a suitable bed, which we can spritz with Pet Remedy, a natural relaxing aromatherapy products.

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