Terms & Conditions

Amity Cat Care T/A Amity Pet Care

Your Pets

1.1 It is recommended that cats are kept up to date with annual vaccinations to protect them against infectious diseases. Rabbits must be vaccinated with proof seen.

1.2 All cats must be free from parasites, and kept up to date with internal (worming) and external (fleas, ticks, etc) parasite treatments. If using worm counts, proof of results must be shown, and treatment provided if worms present.

1.3 All cats must be microchipped, and that the owner’s details are up to date.

1.4 All cats requiring service must be well socialised, accepting, and show no signs of aggression towards humans. It is the owner’s responsibility to seek the advice of a qualified force-free behaviourist and veterinarian if their pet is showing signs of any behavioural issues.

1.5 It is the owner's responsibility, to regularly health check their cats, before being cared for by Amity Pet Care, and we advise that every pet is checked by a Veterinarian, at least every 6 months.

1.6 It is the owner’s responsibility to inform and advise Amity Pet Care of any allergies, injuries, medical or behavioural problems, which your cats have experienced. We are happy to administer medication, and monitor conditions, when required, but are unable to accept cats showing any signs of infectious disease or infestation.

1.7 We will not use any aversive handling equipment (inclusive of spray bottles) or aversive handling methods, under any circumstances. 


2.0 All cats must be registered on Amity Pet Care’s system, before a service can commence, with up to date details.

2.1 There is a one-off registration fee of £30.00, separate to any service fees..

2.2 Owners are entitled to 1 virtual consultation. Any additional visits or consultations will incur a charge.

2.3 Amity Pet Care reserve the right to cut any cat visit short, if we feel that the safety of either your cat, or ourselves, is being compromised. We will provide feedback if we experience a problem, to try to resolve.

2.4 Owners must supply items which they wish to be used. Including all pet, and cleaning products. Owners will be charged an extra fee, plus the total of goods, on top of the service total, should the owner not stock up, and the Animal Carer needs to purchase supplies.

2.5 Regular updates of your animal's progress are available, via the client portal or email.

2.6 For health, safety, and liability reasons, we request you do not have additional visitors to your property whilst you're away (including relatives, friends, cleaners, other workers, etc). 

2.7 It is the homeowner's responsibility to ensure that their property can be left in a safe and secure manner, and that all entrances and exits can be locked. 

Fees & Payments

3.1 Payment is required to secure bookings and dates. If a deposit is paid, the remaining balance must be paid, in full, at least 1 month before service is due to start.

3.2 Payments must be made by Stripe via the client portal.

3.3 All current services and fees are subject to change at any time. This excludes services paid for in advance, unless otherwise stated.

3.4 Prices include a small contribution towards fuel costs and travel expenses. Supplementary travel fees apply to certain areas outside of our covered area.

3.5 All Bank Holiday weekends (including the Saturday and Sunday) including Good Friday, Easter Sunday, Easter Monday, Early Spring Bank Holiday, Spring Bank Holiday, Summer Bank Holiday, and the period between Christmas Eve and the January Bank Holiday, are charged at double the standard service rate, apart from Christmas Day, Boxing Day, and, and New Year’s Day, which are triple the standard rate.

3.6 An administration fee will apply if payment is delayed, and not settled within 48 hours of the invoice being issued. 

3.7 A fee will apply for collection and return of house keys. 

Cancellation Policy

4.1 We require a minimum of 1 weeks notice, to cancel any service. Cancelled services within the required timeframe will be added as credit to the client account to use against future bookings, minus a £15.00 administration fee.

4.2 If owners require to cancel a service, as a result of an animal medical issue, the owner must ensure the the animal sees a qualified Veterinarian within 48 hours of notifying us, for the welfare of that animal. We are required to record any illnesses, injuries, emergency Veterinary visits, and treatments, by either taking a copy of the Veterinary paperwork or a statement from your Veterinarian, confirming the diagnosis. If a Veterinary diagnosis is not made, our standard cancellation policy applies.


5.1 It is the owner's responsibility to insure their cats to cover injury or illnesses, as owners are responsible for the payment of any Veterinary bills.

5.2 It is the owner's responsibility to insure their own home, and belongings. Amity Pet Care hold no responsibility for the loss or damage to any personal items, including owners home, garden, or any other property, pet food, medication, collars, leads, bowls, harnesses, bedding, toys, treats, etc. We will take care of all belongings, to the best of our ability, but all are left at your own risk.

5.3 Amity Pet Care are insured to hold keys, but hold no responsibility for the loss or damage of house keys. Owners must ensure that the key(s) and lock(s) are in fully working order before services commence. Additional fees will be incurred if this is not done. 

5.4 Due to our strict, regulated routines and standards, Amity Pet Care hold no liability or responsibility for the loss, illness, injury, or death for any animal in our care, or damage caused by the animal. Any additional fees, no matter how incurred, are the responsibility of the owner, to be paid in full. Any Veterinary fees are to be paid, in full, directly to the Veterinarian, or to Amity Pet Care.

5.6 Amity Pet Care can not be held liable or responsible when anyone else is tending to your animals or property.


6.1 In the event of any emergency, the welfare and health or the animals in our care is paramount, and we will work with their interest in mind and follow any instruction from a veterinarian.

6.2 We will make contact with either our, or your Veterinarian, and arrange for any treatment, if required.

6.3 We will work to secure each client’s home, upon leaving, in the safest manner.

6.4 We will contact the owner, followed by the emergency contacts, who may be required to collect the animal(s). If necessary, if the owner and emergency contacts are unable, we will arrange for temporary emergency boarding of the animal(s), which can include quarantine, which must be paid for in full, by the owner. There will not be a refund for our fee.